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e day off work or ▓traveling long distances to the doctor's office.Bu▓t in today's technology driven world, connecting a healthcare professional is just a▓ click away as more medical practitioners embra▓ce telemedicine to bridge geographical divisions."Te▓lemedicine saves patients the time of travelling long▓

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distances if they're not going to be candidates for tre▓atment," said Dr. Anthony Lucci, a surgeon ▓at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer▓ Center in Houston.Physicians and companies are taking


the advantage of telemedicine to reach more patients around the world, particularly in China. U.S. researcher believe that the fast grow▓ing telemedicine market in China will surpass that in the


United States and Japan to become the world largest in the near future.Building partnerships in telemedic▓ine was a hot topic at the U.S.-China Innovation an▓d Investment Summit last week in Houston


where U.S.-based technology companies with inv▓estors, strategic partners and professional services firms from China gathered."In China,▓ patients have significant access issues to see physicians and telemedicine is the answer to that from both a cost perspective and the delivery of accurate healthcare information," said Theodor▓e H. Bukowski, senior vice-president of provide▓r partnerships at MORE Health.Based in Silicon valley, California, MORE Health has entered the Chinese▓ market and worked with Chinese healthcare providers to reach a growing number of patients."We provide a▓n interactive physician collaboration platform so ▓that U.S. academic medical center physicians will collaborate directly with the physicians in China" to provide better services for patients," Bukowski said.More than 70 percent of urgent illness conditions can be taken care of with the help of telemedicine, according to the American Telemedicine Association.A simple physician training enables providers to diagnose and treat

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minor problems such as pharyngitis, sinusitis and upper respiratory il▓lnesses with the help of video chat.That can be a lifesaver for patients facing catastrophic illnesses such as cancer, said Lucci, professor of breast

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